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A Cure In Sight™ was founded to provide patient support services for Ocular Melanoma eye cancer patients. Ocular Melanoma (OM), also known as Uveal Melanoma, is the most common primary cancer of the eye in adults. Our patient population is unique in that our numbers are small with only an estimated 2,500 new diagnoses (US) per year. This alone has gained us “rare cancer status”.

The prognosis for those patients diagnosed with ocular melanoma can be dire. At this time, half of those diagnosed with OM will see their disease spread to other parts of the body. And, once metastasized, it is nearly always fatal. Currently there is no cure for metastatic ocular melanoma. There are, however, promising new treatments being prescribed, as well as new clinical trials and targeted therapies being proposed. These emerging treatment opportunities will only be made possible through research funding. Unfortunately, funding dollars are critically low. Grants for funding are rare and the competition is fierce. Therefore, we rely on private and corporate funding to fuel our programs and services.

A Cure in Sight (ACIS) helps provide services nationwide through building public awareness, educating OM patients and their caregivers, funding on-going eye cancer research, and by financially helping in-need OM patients find and pay for the treatments they need. However, funding is greatly needed for us to continue fulfilling our mission.

ACIS is uniquely positioned to serve the OM patient population. And, this is why our mission is so valuable to our community. Our actions have awarded us with an open door to many of the top ocular medical physicians and oncologists in the nation. We support each other and we are fighting everyday for a cure. If you are newly diagnosed, we welcome you and encourage you to tell your story. ACIS was founded by patients, run by patients and staffed completely by volunteers, their families, and their friends.

A Cure In Sight™For the Patients, by the Patients.

A Cure In Sight™ is an IRS approved 501C(3) organization, EIN 46-1274306,

Please take a minute to “look” around our site. We have loads of ocular melanoma awareness resources, awareness products, apparel and many options for you to help us with our fundraising efforts as well as some excerpts from our most Recent News Posts displayed below – make sure to click the individual articles to read more.

We greatly appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing more from you! 


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Please take our survey to help us serve you better! ACIS would like to improve our services to the OM community. Your input is very important to make sure we are bringing you the most needed and up to date information for ocular melanoma. By taking this short survey, you can be apart of the change that you would like to see happen. We appreciate your partnership as we change the landscape [...]

This Giving Tuesday, help A Cure In Sight make a difference in ocular melanoma. When we partner together we can invest in life saving research, fund clinical trials and help patients to receive these treatments. Without an investment from you, we will not be able to continue our mission to fund ongoing research, help patients get to life saving treatment, continue our education mission [...]
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Partner With A Cure In Sight

We invite you to partner with ACIS to fund ongoing research and provide patient support. Our Invitation to give has updated statistics and information about ocular melanoma. Your invitations are ready for your personalization and for you to send to your family and friends. Send us an email or make a call and we will mail yours out today. If you would like to partner with us today, please s[...]