What We Do

Financial Assistance

ACIS provides financial support to patients who are financially devastated by the diagnosis and treatment of ocular melanoma. After the initial treatment of the eye, there is often a lifetime of procedures and medications necessary to preserve the treated eye as well as surveillance for metastatic disease.

To receive financial help, a patient must complete an application and provide a medical bill, rent or mortgage, essential utilities, statement or insurance premium bill.  All funds are paid directly to the provider or company with the exception of co-pay reimbursement. Each qualifying patient is eligible to receive UP TO $1,500 one time, towards expenses including gift cards for gasoline and groceries. Applications can take 30 days to be approved.  A detailed copy of the bill must be provided for consideration.

Due to funding limitations, we are unable to cover other health conditions or provide support that are not directly related to the initial or metastatic ocular melanoma diagnosis. All applications are subject to a review and approval based on the demonstration of need presented to the ACIS committee.  Applications are accepted but can be limited due to the funds on hand by ACIS at the time of application.  Funding is not guaranteed. Download the application or look under the FAQ tab.

Cure Companions

A Cure In Sight provides “Companions” to patients who need support from a seasoned veteran of ocular melanoma. This support system helps newly diagnosed patients navigate their treatments by hearing from someone who has been through it all. Buddies are matched by their geographic location, treatment facility, treatment procedure and other special requests.

How do we do it

ACIS is an organization made up of patient volunteers who dedicate much of their time to the ocular melanoma community. Our patent volunteers work to connect patients with buddies, raise funds through our in house events, and to educate the public on ocular melanoma and the importance of early detection through speaking engagements. A Cure In Sight starts by raising funds from outside the ocular melanoma community through our own events, sale of awareness products and general donations

Lookin’ For A Cure

5k fun run and walk exclusively for ocular melanoma awareness. Lookin’ For A Cure 5k’s are held in many cities across the USA by ACIS board members and other volunteers. Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of early detection and dilated eye exams while raising funds for patient services, and in some cases, research for ocular melanoma treatments.

Swing For Sight

A yearly golf event held in Napa CA to bring patients and doctors together in a fun and relaxing environment. Swing For Sight allows patients to meet other patients and doctors out of the clinic setting while raising awareness and funding ocular melanoma.

Eye Patch Day

Eye Patch day is a day set aside to raise awareness of ocular melanoma started by Ocu-Mel UK. ACIS joined in to bring the day to the United States. Now the 3rd Friday of May, we raise awareness for ocular melanoma by wearing eye patches and asking the public to wear one for us.

General Donations

ACIS accepts general donations from the public. These donations are often in remembrance of a person who has passed from ocular melanoma.

Awareness products

ACIS has developed a line of awareness products for ocular melanoma available in our Store tab. Through our sale of shirts, jewelry and awareness products we fund our programs and contribute to on going research. We continually develop new products and designs. Our current product line has been designed by ocular melanoma patients or a family member.

Our Disclaimer

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4 thoughts on “How We Help

  • January 9, 2013 at 7:54 am

    What a wonderful resource for us. My situation is getting kind of worrisome, and not sure where to turn, and it’s nice to know that there is somewhere to get some advise or help finding resources. I lose my insurance on Jan 31st. I have applied for social security disability, because several people on the ocumel email list advised me to since this is considered a ‘head and neck cancer’. It appears several people have been approved and I am still waiting. I currently work 20 hours a week, which does not qualify me for insurance. Even if I worked 40 hours a week, the insurance that was offered to me was a ‘limited benefit’ plan, which offered me $1500 max per calendar year. With having quarterly MRI’s that really doesn’t cover much. I am on a waiting list for the Oregon Health Plan. I am currently NED. Right now, I just want to say thanks for giving us a place to have a voice and taking the time to create a site that others can share. I truly appreciate your work and dedication to all of us. Thank You Again!

  • January 13, 2013 at 8:00 am

    Hi, this is much needed. I am still making payments on my PDT laser treatment that was $5500 in Sept 2009. I cannot always pay what they ask. I just now got it down to $4900. Wills is being nice about it. They did tell me that if I do not continue to pay them, they will take me to collections and not allow me to see their doctors. My insurance denied the payment and I appealed their denials as well as took them to the state board of insurance and lost. It is not fair but it is my reality.

    • January 14, 2013 at 2:01 am

      Thank you for your comments Linda and Theresa! We hope that we can help with the financial burden that OM can create for you and so many others. I know this reality all to well myself. Please keep us posted on how you are doing and if you there is anything that we can do to help you.

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