F. A. Q.

Q. How can I make a financial aid request from A Cure In Signt™?
A. please download  a request form available, and we will make every effort to either help ourselves or aid in seeking help from other sources.

Q. What is ocular melanoma?
A. Ocular melanoma is a rare eye cancer that develops in the melanocytes of the eye’s iris, ciliary body, conjunctiva and choroid. While the initial tumor is nearly always treatable, about 50% of patients will develop fatal metastases. Currently, there is no cure for metastatic ocular melanoma. However, promising evidence exists that early detection, genetic analysis, targeted treatment, and integrative therapy may guarantee better results. Learn more.

Q. Is A Cure In Sight™ a non-profit organization?
A. Yes! Our Board of Directors was formed in September, 2012. We  are a recognizes 501 C 3 non profit., EIN 46-1274306 as of 9/2014. All donation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  See your tax advisor for eligibility on your donation.

Q. Does A Cure In Sight file taxes?      

A.  View our 990 for 2017 here and more financial information here     

Q. What is next?

A. We are focused on awareness and fund raising through product sales and fundraising events.  We allocate most of our budget toward providing the Programs and Services outlined in our Mission Statement.

While all of our administrative expenses are currently addressed through volunteers and from “start up” donations, that will not always be the case. Our goal is to keep Administrative Expenses at 0% – 20% of total functional expenses. Our Fundraising Expenses are also currently covered completely by donations and by using free sources such as social networking sites such as Facebook. The goal for our Fundraising Expenses are to fall within 0% and 15% of functional expenses.


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