Our Team      

Melody Burchett, President     

Melody is the founder and President of  ACIS.  After her diagnosis of OM, she sought to change the landscape of OM. With awareness products and financial aid for patients, ACIS was doing what no other non profit has done for OM.  During her 8 years as an OM patient, she has used her background in Sales, Marketing and Design to move ACIS into a leader of the OM community.  reporting” before funding is approved, allowing our projects to remain on track and on time. 

Suzanne Lescure. Board Member      

Suzanne is a 13 year conjunctival melanoma patient that was diagnosed as stage 4. Suzanne is a patient advocate proving that OM is not a death sentence.  Suzanne uses her skills as a patient, mother, wife and friend to help patients navigate their OM diagnosis.  Suzanne leads our Cure Companion team as well as the Chair of the Swing For Sight Golf Tournament. 

Marlene Day, Secretary    

Marlene was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma at age 46  August 2004.   Currently 15 years survivor No Evidence of Disease she lives with her husband Bill, in  North Carolina.  Marlene brings her experience with working for a non profit to the ACIS team.  

Loren Seaman                                                                                                                                                   Loren was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in her left eye on 11/10/01.  In 2009, she was operated on again on the left eye with a cataract.  In June 2017, Loren suffered an Ischemic Optic Stroke in her right eye, which was her healthy eye, and since this time she has been receiving treatments to that eye.  Since January 2018 Loren has been suffering from severe Macular Edema (bleeding in both eyes).  She is at the oncologist every two weeks for treatments to both eyes and also suffers from Ocular Hypertension. Loren is battling to save her vision.

Since January 2019 Loren has been Honored to have the opportunity to be Volunteer Director of Advocacy for A Cure in Sight.

In Memory

Tania Yaich Herfurth VP Product Development            

Tania was a founding member of ACIS.  Tania VP of Development and was responsible for our first awareness products and awareness campaigns.


Marla Avery Patient Relations                             

Marla brought her own special touch to ACIS.                    Advocating for patients and spreading awareness      everywhere she went. She was an OverComer and held that title until she passed.  



Jack Odell                                                                              

Jack Odell was diagnosed with OM in 2013.  Since joining ACIS as Vice President in 2015, Jack has been instrumental in formulating new programs for ACIS with has opened doors directly to our nations top doctors and researchers for ocular melanoma.  He has been a leader in changing the way ACIS research is funded and reported.  Jack is a retired architect, bringing 35 years of construction contract administration, team building, and design to the ACIS team.  Jack leads our special projects team.  Jack has vetted our research proposals to demand accountability and the highest research outcome possible.  Our research contracts now include “milestone reporting” before any funding is approved, allowing our projects to remain on track and on time. 


Melanie Robertson

Melanie Robertson is a retired Registered Nurse whose daughter, Kady, was diagnosed with OM in Dec 2016, just days before her 30th birthday. Kady is treated by Dr Amy Schefler in Houston and Drs Orloff and Gonsalves in Philadelphia. She was diagnosed as stage 4 in January 2019. Since Kady’s diagnosis, Melanie has been an advocate for Kady in her treatments and journey with OM. Melanie is A Cure In Sight’s Volunteer Advocate in Texas. She is based in Beaumont, Texas and spends much of her time educating the public about OM and the importance of dilated eye exams in the early detection of OM.

Karla Neff         

I have been a teacher for 23 years and currently work with at risk youth teaching science in the Blue Springs School District. My husband Eric is an Assistant Principal in the same district and has been in education for 24 years. We have a blended family of 5 children and are proud grandparents. Eric was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in March of 2017 and treated by Dr. Greg Fox at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.  Since his diagnosis I have been an advocate for my husband in his treatment and networking with as many survivors as possible. I am extremely proud to be a part of A Cure In Sight as they find a cure.  Karla is currently our News Letter editor. 


Our Medical Board

Ted Bryant, OD    Clarity Eye

Andrew Evans

Sapna Patel MD   MD Anderson

Rajiv Anand MD   Texas Retina


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Email: contact@acureinsight.org