A Cure In Sight has a hefty goal of raising $100,000 to fight ocular melanoma. We can change the landscape of ocular melanoma when we partner together. With ocular melanoma research making strides like never before, we must work together to keep the momentum going. Research and clinical trials are the hope for many with metastatic melanoma. With the rising costs of travel, lodging, and insurance, our patients need us more than ever. Life-saving treatments and clinical trials are only possible if you can get to them. ACIS is there for so many who are not able to get to treatment. Please see our initiatives below for options for your investment in a cure for ocular melanoma. Together we can have A Cure In Sight.

Arjun born with ocular melanoma
Melanie lost her eye at age 11
Presley diagnosed age 13

Pediatric Ocular Melanoma

Ocular melanoma is a rare cancer of the eye that most often affects middle-aged men with fair hair, eyes, and skin.  That is not the entire story.  Ocular melanoma or OM can affect anyone at any age, even children. These young children endure the loss of their vision, loss of an eye, and possible disfigurement during the formative years of their lives. They may face bullying, isolation, and not fitting in with the kids around them.

While children might be the lesser of the population with OM, they need us the most.  These children live their lifetime under the shadow of OM.  They know all too well the scanning protocol, the doctor visits, and the uncertainty that comes with each of these. Programs must be developed for these young children and their families to help them cope with the enormity of living with an OM diagnosis.  The lack of standardized care, treatment options, and scanning protocol adds to the stress.  With you as our partner, we can help these young children have a brighter future.

Make A General Donation

Current Ocular Melanoma Investments Available

ACIS was able to launch a scientific research project with Harbour Laboratory at Bascom Palmer, Miami.  Phase One of the research is complete, with findings pointing to significant differences between “variants” of the two mutations believed to be the initiating mutations leading to Ocular Melanoma, GNAQ and GNA11. Now in the second phase, the lab will be using a new approach to identify candidate therapeutic targets.  More information on this trial should be out in early 2020 when a phase 2 study will open and more funding will be needed. With your partnership, we can invest in more research to hopefully see A Cure In Sight. 

To date, A Cure In Sight has invested over $238,707 in research. When you Partner with A Cure In Sight to fund research, we can double this number. One project we can provide funds for is radiation retinopathy and primary tumor research using 3T  Opthalmics’ episcleral device. With your help, we can greatly reduce the loss of vision and effects of radiation to many ocular melanoma patients.  With the ability to keep their sight, they can continue to have the productive lives they had before their ocular melanoma diagnosis. This research project has been stalled due to a lack of funding.  We think this is valuable research that needs to continue, and can with your help

Your donation will help a person with ocular melanoma who is having financial difficulty due to their diagnosis. By supporting our general fund, you allow us to continue operating so that we can have A Cure In Sight. A Cure In Sight is an all volunteer organization and does not pay salaries or high overhead.

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To date, ACIS has provided over $129,868 direct to provider medical and living expense payments benefiting 197 patients. With your help, we can continue to assist patients with their treatment costs and living expenses.

If you are making a donor advised fund, Employer Matching Fund, or would like to mail a check, you can mail your check to ACIS, PO Box 58113, Raleigh, NC, 27658. Thank you for making your donation today.