Fighting Ocular Melanoma
There is much that can be done to improve matters. It is essential to find out as much as possible about your disease, your prognosis, all therapeutic options, any possible side-effects and complications, any tests that might enhance the chances of better outcomes and, importantly the cost of every procedure and how each will be met. This means taking notes or even recording conversations (with permission), asking questions, obtaining copies of health records, keeping a portfolio of notes and other documents, speaking to other patients who have had the same experience, getting help from ACIS and similar organizations, and perhaps obtaining a second opinion from another specialist. It is important to learn how to speak to children, other relatives, friends and co-workers about one’s condition in an honest and sympathetic manner. Ocular melanoma can cause severe distress even in strong-minded individual, so that it can be very helpful to obtain support from a health psychologist. Such support is not a sign of weakness and can quickly restore peace of mind, enhancing the ability to cope with any challenges that arise.

Support Options


Relaxation Techniques