Ocular Melanoma Getaway

A Cure In Sight is please to announce our newest program.  OMG or Ocular Melanoma Getaway!

Through donations of vacation homes, timeshares, airline miles and money, we are sending families of metastatic patients on vacations to get a break from ocular melanoma and make memories that will last.

Due to the current treatments there is hope for a cure for ocular melanoma, but currently there is no cure.  Patients are going through trials that have many negative side effects.  The treatments are extremely rough on the patients and the families that care for them.  These are usually the memories families are left with.  We want to change that.  We want to send every family on a vacation to rest and recuperate from the daily strain of fighting advanced ocular melanoma.  With your help of a donation we can make this happen.

If you are a family needing a vacation, please contact us below for more information and an application.


Include a little about your vacation wishes and your complete contact information including address and phone.

Thank you!

OMG Ocular Melanoma Getaway