A Cure in Sight, a non-profit to raise awareness of ocular melanoma and Speedgolf International teamed up to hold the first Ultra Speed Golf Challenge in Napa, California on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Many photos are below.

Karl Melder finishes his 228th hole in 12 hours.
Karl Meltzer finishes his 228th hole in 12 hours. Photo by Cy Cyr / A Cure in Sight

The event took place at the Napa Golf Course. Eight competitors completed a minimum of 100 holes and averaged 8 rounds of golf each. The eight golfers combined for 1,156 holes of golf, an average of 144.5. The group of 8 helped raise an estimated $30,000 for the cause.

Ultra marathon competitor Karl Meltzer of Utah shattered a world record by playing 229 holes of golf in 12 hours on foot. Meltzer, sponsored by Red Bull,  ran well over 55 miles during the course of play. Meltzer said he will be calling on the golf community to hold a 24 hour speed golf challenge. Meltzer had the support of his wife Cheryl during the event and friend Eric. Upon breaking the record, he cracked open a Sierra Nevada beer. He jogged and walked the record breaking holes. “I don’t want to break the record too much, I want to be able to break it again,” said Meltzer.  Meltzer, with 5 minutes remaining on the clock, didn’t attempt the next hole, a par 5. He threw his arms in the air to celebrate. Meltzer recently ran a 50K, and mostly noticed how his hands were cramping from carrying golf clubs for 55 miles.

Gretchen Johnson, the only female in the group, finished second with 171 holes. Johnson currently lives in Amsterdam while working for Nike. She was joined by her boyfriend Matt, who cheered her on throughout the day.  Johnson carries a 2 handicap and is a 10 time marathoner.

Scott Dawley, of Texas, finished with 117.  Dawley and Johnson will be featured on Golf Channel’s upcoming Altered Course show, premiering in June. Dawley is a former college and professional golfer and owner of LInksrun.com. Dawley lives in Houston with his wife and three children.

Wally English, of Berkeley, plays speedgolf to be more creative on the golf course. He has played in the last three speedgolf championships at Bandon Dunes in Oregon. English smiled his way through 102 holes with his wife and daughter nearby.

Drew Faust, an Information Architect at Nike,  was aiming for 54 holes of golf, and nearly doubled his expectations with 100.

Larry Levinson, of Ohio, powered through 8 rounds of golf (144 holes) with his wife supporting his efforts.

Stan Dittman, a dentist in Napa, had a steady stream of supporters all day to finish with an impressive 150 holes. A former marathoner, this was Dittman’s first speedgolf event. Dittman joked that he signed up to play golf all day, but didn’t realize running was involved. He finished with the 3rd highest number of holes played.

Tim Scott, a founding partner of Speedgolf International, finished with 144 holes and was often seen with his wife Lori running alongside of him. Scott was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in April 2012. He was runner up in the 2012 World Speedgolf Championships and has won several tournaments.

Tim Scott and his wife share a kiss after an early round of golf.
Tim Scott and his wife share a kiss after an early round of golf. Photo by Cy Cyr / A Cure in Sight

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Ocular melanoma is a rare eye cancer that develops in the melanocytes of the eye’s choroid, iris or ciliary body. While the initial tumor is nearly always treatable, about 50% of patients will develop fatal metastases.

Currently, there is no cure for metastatic ocular melanoma. However, promising evidence exists that early detection, genetic analysis, targeted treatment, and integrative therapy may guarantee better results.

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Ultra SpeedGolf Challenge 2015
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